,,BABY MED‘’ Healthcare Center

Obtained a license for practicing its activity in 2015, aiming to be closer to its patients, their pain and their needs in an easy, calm, and relaxing environment.
It is located in a park area near the center of the city, has easy access from all the sectors, and owns a parking lot. The reception room and the doctors’ working offices are decorated in warm and friendly colors; young patients are offered toys, chairs, and a TV with several entertainment programs suitable for their age. Such an atmosphere helps children relax and get used to the environment, and the consultation may take place without making kids stressed.
Services offered combine traditional medicine with the alternative one, thus putting at your disposal the entire experience gained during the 25 years of working in the largest maternity clinic in the republic.
Therapies and treatment are chosen depending on the particular disease, the patients, and their families, providing optimal conditions for healing, and avoiding both polypharmacy and adverse effects.
The center offers a large range of medical services for ultrasonographic diagnostics using the last generation device.
The services offered by he doctors at the center include:
– Monitoring the evolution of growth parameters, and regular checkups for children aged 0-12 months old (weighing, measuring, and establishing the percentiles);

– Consultations for children aged 0-18 years old;
– Consultations for newborns;
– General pediatric consultations;
– Periodic consultations for healthy suckling children;
– Consultations for sick suckling children;
– Nutrition counseling;
– Referrals to specialists for examinations;
– Referrals for tests;
– Test interpretation;
– Treatment recommendations;
– Issuing certificates and prescriptions;
– Consulting the general practitioner.
– Pediatric ultrasonography;
– Head  ultrasonography;
– Abdomen ultrasonography;
– Doppler ultrasonography;
– Ultrasonography for adults.